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Costume Jewellery Guide

Ahh costume jewellery! We love it for a many number of reasons, and today we’re going to delve into its history and offer you some of our best tips when it comes to wearing it!

What Is Costume Jewellery?

‘Costume jewellery’ is also known as ‘fashion jewellery’, and its origins lie in the first half of the 18th century. It’s named as such because it’s mainly bought to compliment an outfit, particularly a fashionable one, without spending a fortune on ‘fine’ jewellery. Fine jewellery, on the other hand, is often purchased as a collectable, or a keepsake, and is not very practical for day to day wear.

925 silver has always been a popular metal used by jewellers to create costume jewellery because it’s much more resilient to damage than fine metals, and rhinestones and other gemstones would often be used to simulate diamonds and precious stones and add colour and sparkle.

How To Wear Costume Jewellery:

Everyone has their own unique style, so it’s really all about preference. We would suggest investing in a long length mirror however! That way you’ll really know if your jewellery works with your outfit before you head out. Struggling to decide what works best? Opt for simple jewellery that is bound to suit everything, and avoid wearing different coloured metals together. Here are a few style ideas to help get you started:

  • The Night Out

    Heading out with the girls? Or out for a few pints with the guys? The darker hours are costume jewellery’s favourite time, because all different styles come out to play! Think bold red dresses with statement earrings, or sparkly or black fitted numbers with a gorgeous costume necklace, or for men, a chunky bracelet and studs.
  • The First Date

    For the first date, we’d recommend going for a classic look. The little black dress hasn’t wronged us yet, and teamed with a statement costume jewellery piece, or a subtle and delicate 925 silver necklace, you’ll have him eating out of the palm of your hand in no time. If you’re a man, don’t go OTT with slogan tops or prints. Keep it smart, crease-free, and be wary of black and brown combinations.

If it’s a coffee date, or set for during the day, keep it casual. We’d opt for a stripy tailored black and white tee à la mode with skinny jeans and your favourite comfy flats. Add some colourful costume jewellery and voila! Not feeling it? Go for something you feel confident in. Only you know what this may be, but if you’re happy in it, that will shine through.

What not to wear: Anything political, controversial, or could come across as offensive.

When In Doubt...

Whatever the occasion is, or if you’re just after something to wear daily, consider your body shape, facial features and skin tone when choosing your costume jewellery. Cool skin tones often aren’t suited to gold jewellery, whilst the opposite is true for silver and warmer skin tones. Overly large statement necklaces may overwhelm a small bust, whilst understated necklaces will compliment them. Tiny pendant necklaces may not be the right choice for larger bust sizes, as they could emphasis their size even more so. And bulky bracelets or watches will overpower slender wrists, whilst thin straps won’t do wider wrists any favours.

Costume Jewellery From Crystal Innovation

Whatever you’re dressing for, we have costume jewellery for all occasions! Browse through our online range today or call our friendly team for some expert advice on 01582 511 946.